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5 Reasons Why Organisations are Outsourcing Accident and Health Insurance Claims

In an increasingly competitive and changing environment, organisations are always looking for new ways to reduce costs and maximise the efficiency of their operations. Accident and Health Insurance Claims are often a hidden cost for businesses that can be difficult to keep track.

Accidents and occurrences don’t necessarily happen to employees at work, they can happen anywhere. Accident payouts have the potential to impact not only on productivity but also the organisation’s reputation as well.

By outsourcing accident and health insurance claims, employers are taking their organisations into the future and have found that they benefit from tangible direct savings as well as indirect benefits that it brings.

Accident and health insurance offers a number of benefits including:

  • Attracting and retaining talented employees – Employers that invest in employee wellbeing are more likely to attract and retain talented, committed employees improving loyalty to the organisation.
  • Improved work performance and productivity – Employees perform at their best when they have high levels of job satisfaction and knowing they will be looked after in the event of an emergency has a positive effect on psychological well being.
  • Enhancements for your company’s bottom line – Lower recruitment and training costs, staff turnover, less sick days and reduced absenteeism. Greater productivity decreases these costs and leads to increased revenue long-term.
  • Improved workplace wellbeing – Work provides employees with a greater sense of purpose, additional social networks and support, opportunities for development and helps them improve self-efficacy.
  • Assisting recovery – Work can play an important role in helping employees in recovery. 

Claims Management Outsourcing

The roadblock to realising these benefits in your organisation is the high costs associated with managing insurance claim portfolios. This is where a third party administrator like Gallagher Bassett can help.

Whether you choose to partner with third party insurance or self-insure , our experienced team can assist you in finding the most suitable cover and manage claims prudently.

Claims management outsourcing allows your business to be more efficient and cost-effective. Here are five reasons why your organisation should consider outsourcing the management of Accident and Health Insurance Claims:

  1. Robust cost containment strategies to control spending and reduce portfolio liabilities
  2. Award winning corporate governance framework to provide peace of mind around business risk, service level agreement adherence and contractual compliance
  3. Our commitment to understanding your business and ensuring the delivery of claims management services aligned to your business objectives
  4. Best practice customer service initiatives to protect your brand and enhance your reputation
  5. Proactive oversight of portfolio performance and trending to assist underwriting modelling.

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We manage more than 50,000 accident and health claims every year on behalf of government departments, major Australian insurers and self-insured clients. This includes carriers, intermediaries, London markets, government entities and corporations.

With a national team of claims specialists in offices across Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide we are well equipped to handle accident and health claims for a diverse range of organisations.

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John White

Head of Sales and Client Services — General Insurance

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