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Your Dedicated Carrier Practice

What’s Next for ESG: Six Ways Insurers Can Prepare for 2024 

As we approach 2024, one key topic that has gained significant regulatory interest in the insurance sector is ESG. With emerging regulatory and reporting requirements emerging, Arch Archarya – Chief General Counsel, unpacks the key strategies insurers can leverage to stay ahead in 2024.

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Your Dedicated Carrier Practice

Discover Claims Insights: How a Strategic Partner Can Uncover Data Insights for Long-Term Success

While evolving digital tools have empowered insurers to harness data more effectively, expertise and the human touch remain indispensable in identifying the insights that lie beneath the numbers. Discover how a strategic partner can unearth essential insights and provide a pathway to long-term success without the need for in-house data expertise.

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Quality Service The Gallagher Way

Brilliant Basics: Seven Golden Rules of Exceptional Customer Service

As technology and innovation continue to shape customer interactions, it’s easy to get swept away by the latest trends and tools. However, amidst all the advancements, there is an enduring truth: when it comes to customer service there’s no one silver bullet – rather it’s about getting the basics right.

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Best-In-Class RMIS

The Digital Game-Changer in Claims Management

In the midst of this digital surge, insurers are in a technology whirlwind to find ways to elevate their operational success. However, with so many tools to choose from, it can be difficult to know where to start. Nathan Pilgrim, Chief Information Officer, shares key insights on the essential criteria and how to find your perfect match.

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Operational Expansion

Three Tips to Become Resilient in Today’s Insurance Market

As we approach the end of another turbulent year, many insurers are acknowledging the significance of fortifying themselves against external and industry related challenges. John White, Head of Sales and Client Services, reveals three essential steps for cultivating resilience in today’s dynamic industry terrain.

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