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Pete Nicholson named in Insurance Business Australia’s 2023 Hot List

Congratulations to Pete Nicholson, CEO – Gallagher Bassett, for being named in the Insurance Business (IB) Australia’s 2023 Hot List. After carefully considering 500 top contenders across the nation, the IB team narrowed the Hot List down to 50, representing the “best of the best” in the Australian insurance industry.

Angat Sandhu, partner at McKinsey & Company, said the winners not only have to have “the end customer’s interests in front of mind” and “ensure the services and products they are providing to customers continue to meet that high bar of helping them when they most need insurance” but they will also need to “start to shape the dialogue on the future evolution of the sector, be it around the industry’s response to climate change, the changing nature of cyber risk or other emerging risks”.

With over 25 years of experience, across six continents, Pete has amassed extensive industry experience working in several global environments, learning from a diverse range of people in a wide range of cultures.

Pete Nicholson said, “This experience has broadened my leadership style and established a core set of values that really drive me to care about each and every person who is a part of our business.”

Having only been appointed Chief Executive Officer in early 2022, Pete has already led a very successful 12 months at Gallagher Bassett Australia. Worksafe Victoria extended their contract by two years to 2025, the icare General Lines and HBCF contracts have been renewed, and icare Nominal Insurer Scheme named GB Australia as one of their providers.

Pete Nicholson said, “The purpose of our organisation is actually to help people who are often in quite serious duress through a workplace injury or having significant property damage or something that they’ve lost, for example, and they need someone to help them.

“The best, most successful people that we see come through our operations are those empathetic, caring individuals. They’re high-class professionals that want to help these people and invest in the purpose of why we’re actually in business,” he said.

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Lionel Charmetant

Chief Operating Officer

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