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GB Carrier Practice Capabilities

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Global case studies

Australia and New Zealand: Catastrophic Claims and Event Response

Gallagher Bassett has been involved in managing claims for every major catastrophic event in Australia since 1998 and is the only TPA with the size, infrastructure and scalability to provide Catastrophic Management services for large-scale events. Read how GB has recruited and trained large teams to assist insurers to process claims, manage suppliers and provide white-labelled customer services.

GB's Expertise: Claims management | Supplier management | White labelling
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Australia: Managing Accident and Health Claims

QBE is an Australian-based corporate Accident and Health global insurer and underwrites Travel, Expat and Group Personal Accident programs for global corporates, with policies placed via intermediaries ranging from large brokerages through to mid-tier and SME firms. As a long-standing client, GB built a trusted partnership to deliver a consistently positive experience, practical and easy-to-use solutions to their customers. GB’s proprietary claims portal retained important broker clients and provided a platform to deliver critical data feeds and bespoke reporting services to corporate clients.

GB's Expertise: Claims management | Practical solutions devliery | Client retention | Critical data and reporting platforms
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New Zealand: Earthquake Commission’s Canterbury Earthquake Response

New Zealand residents rely on EQC to provide efficient claims management in the aftermath of an earthquake disaster. This involves timeliness and accuracy in lodging, assessing, quantifying loss, settling and resolving claims. From the 2010 Canterbury Earthquake, EQC had a portfolio of long-tail and complex claims , and looked to GB for a solution to support them in managing settlements and introducing of a specialist claims team. As a result, EQC subsequently increased the size of the original settlements team and introduced a second team to manage litigation.

GB's Expertise: Catastrophe | Carrier expertise | Long-tail disputes | Scalability
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United Kingdom: Motor Claims Support for a Large Underwriter

Gallagher Bassett was approached by a large motor underwriter following its entrance into the country’s vehicle fleet market. Being a new product line for the company, GB assisted in the establishment and management of the new claims handling process and developed an industry-leading claims management solution that focused on exceptional customer service delivery and stringent indemnity cost controls.

GB's Expertise: Underwriting | Carrier expertise | Cost controlling
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North America: Streamlined Operations and Improved Outcomes

An established national insurer’s fixed and allocated internal costs were deemed excessive by the company’s leadership team. GB was engaged to implement an exposure-based staffing model that matched the appropriate adjuster with the relevant files. As a result of GB’s initiatives, the client experienced an upside on fixed costs, improved outcome metrics and established a dedicated team to oversee the transition limiting service disruptions.  

GB's Expertise: Carrier alignment | White labelling | Fixed cost disputes
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North America: Solving Legacy IT Infrastructure Challenges

Gallagher Bassett undertook the management of portfolios for a global insurer’s Workers Compensation and primary Property and Casualty lines, after identifying two of their legacy systems were set to discontinue. GB oversaw the IT platform migration and created a niche premium tailored product to target a lucrative market segment. By delivering a seamless transition of more than 1000 Workers Compensation claims, GB facilitated a rapid market launch of a differentiated product into a competitive landscape.

GB's Expertise: Technology implementation | Claims Migration | Market Analysis | Staff training and process development
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North America: Managing Claims related to Legislative Changes

Defense Base Act (DBA) niche coverage offers statutory federal Workers’ Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance to US Government contractors working outside of the country. Delivering claims management and administration support, GB’s Federal Act knowledge and expertise was critical to ensure a seamless and relevant approach. Now established as a market leader in the Federal Acts niche, GB continues to help their client grow its DBA profit and portfolio by actively training and providing a dedicated talent pool of DBA claims experts, suited for a tightly regulated and highly competitive market.

GB's Expertise: Customer service assistance | Staff training and process development | Corporate Governance | Claims administration
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North America: Improving Performance and Outcomes for an Industry Start-up

A start-up MGA and its carrier partner engaged Gallagher Bassett to initiate and manage the launch of its newest program. After two successful years, the start-up elected to harness their learnings and manage their own in-house team. GB was eventually reengaged to enhance performance and integrate additional improvements for continued growth including exposure-based staffing, policy level data transmission and enhanced compliance with Carrier Practice standards.

GB's Expertise: Staff training and process development | Quality standards | Performance measurement and analytics | IT management
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North America: Enabling Growth Through Innovation

A large international insurance carrier engaged Gallagher Bassett following an acquisition and merger, to build a new outsourced claims and account management function to support rapid projected growth. Facing a number of unknowns and challenges, GB adopted the client’s preference to utilise a specific liability claims system, while offering expertise and resources to develop a dedicated cost + model that white labelled products and services, and met IT-related requirements. The adoption of this new system, mobile apps, and intake platforms, qualified resources and streamlining operations, meant the client was well-positioned to exponentially grow and expand and is set to receive an estimated fee revenue of $20 million at the end of 2020.

GB's Expertise: White labelling | Technology implementation | Staff training and process development
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