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Discover Claims Insights: How a Strategic Partner Can Uncover Data Insights for Long-Term Success

Advanced data insights are central to effectively strategising for future success. But how can insurers feel confident in their data-led decision-making? Gallagher Bassett’s new Head of Client Insights, Ben Middleton, is here to work closely with client partners to reinforce that confidence in the insights they can access at their fingertips.

As Head of Client Insights, Ben oversees client-facing performance and insights reporting, with the aim of enhancing value for client partners. With his extensive experience and expertise in operations and client partnerships, Ben is focused on providing valuable data, insights and trends to support insurers to make strategic decisions for their business growth. Ben joins us to explore the value of working with a strategic partner in this endeavour.  

Ben Middleton (BM): For insurers and businesses alike, assurance in strategic making is rooted in data-driven insights. Evolving digital tools have empowered insurers to harness data more effectively, however, expertise and the human touch remain indispensable in identifying the insights that lie beneath the numbers. At Gallagher Bassett, we help client partners unlock the power of their data insights to realise their objectives through the following practices:

  1. Strategic alignment: It is critical that the reporting and insights received by client partners support their decision-making process. This is achieved when a client’s business-critical criteria align with the metrics that are tracked and reported on. When this is in place, clients can rely on reporting to highlight key areas of risk or exposure to then deploy relevant intervention tactics that will refine or enhance overall performance. Reporting can also measure the impact of these intervention tactics and map individual performance metrics against broader industry benchmarks. In this way, the strategic alignment between client objectives and data insights is not just about reacting to issues; it’s about proactively managing risks and identifying strategic opportunities that are unique to the business.
  1. Effective data visualisation: The metrics are important, but the way in which they are presented is fundamental. Well-designed graphics simplify complex data, ensuring that clients can easily understand and harness insights for future success. Our Client Insights team expertly determine the most appropriate form of visualisation to ensure that partners receive a true representation of the claims experience. This makes the process of translating data into actionable insights efficient and effective.
  1. Ease of access to insights: Intuitive dashboards serve as an efficient gateway to real-time results. When client partners have direct access to a live reporting portal it means these real-time insights can be leveraged for enhanced strategic decision-making. By prioritising seamless access for Client Managers to portfolio-specific data, we eliminate barriers to essential reporting. Recognising the need for agility, access to reporting and information is not limited to scheduled meetings and instead, client partners can take a real-time pulse of accurate performance measures when it suits.
  1. Data accuracy and transparency: The value of data insights lies in the integrity, transparency and precision of the data. It is important that there is complete transparency into how metrics are calculated and defined to build confidence and trust in the insights. Similarly, defining and describing data in easily understood terms, rather than industry jargon, means information can be efficiently interpreted for timely decision-making.

To learn more about how claims insights can reshape your strategic planning and reveal the pathways to success, contact us today for a free consultation. In our next edition, Ben will share essential tips for insurers to get the most out of their data sets to shape their success for 2024.

Ben Middleton

Head of Client Insights

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