As Australia begins the transition to post-pandemic life, the insurance industry enters a new season of uncertainty. From increased travel and changing legislation to an ever-evolving risk environment, 2022 and beyond will be a testing time for insurers across the country. 

Gallagher Bassett’s Partnership Manager, John White, reflects on the volatility of the past 18 months and shares his key learnings to help insurers forge a strong path forward.  

“Even before the pandemic, the insurance industry was ripe for disruption. With changing legislation and new players entering the market, the pandemic acted as a catalyst for change in the industry,” Mr White said. 

“Insurers of all sizes had to rethink the way they did business, retained staff, and supported policyholders. For many, there were a lot of unanswered questions that were delaying timely decision making.” 

Mr White said navigating this information overwhelm required an innovative, personal approach. 

“We worked with our insurer partners to provide them with solutions and insights in a clear, transparent manner that equipped them with tools that will set them up for success in the long-run. 

“As the nation progresses to finding a new normal, the insurance industry is entering a new season of uncertainty. With plenty of new players and an increased risk environment, there are opportunities for insurers to make sure they stand out from their competitors. 

“For insurers to truly pivot beyond the pandemic, we advise considering investing in enhanced technology and predictive analytics, diversifying the talent pool or adapting recruitment processes. The new year should signal a fresh start for many insurers to consider the partners, policy holders and pathways to success on the horizon for their business.”  

John White, Partnership Manager at Gallagher Bassett Australia is an expert in partnerships, innovation and sales. Connect with John via LinkedIn or speak with the GB team to explore how Gallagher Bassett can unlock opportunities and help your business navigate a post-pandemic world. 


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John White

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