At GB we have a simple motto: healthy employees equal a healthy business. But, in today’s ever-changing work environment, the ability to sustain healthy employees can be challenging.

To help employers address this challenge, we’ve developed a tailored Health and Wellbeing Hub, which empowers businesses and employees to take charge of their mental and physical health.  

This platform helps your employees make time for proactive and preventative care to support them to bring their best selves to, and from, the office.  

Recognising that each employee’s health journey is different, we designed this program to be easily adaptable to any working environment, employee need or geographical challenge.  


How was GB’s Health and Wellbeing Hub designed? 

Our Health and Wellbeing Hub utilises four core pillars to ensure early intervention and greater health literacy, empowering employees to live their highest quality of life.  

These four pillars are: 

  • Preventative wellness: In-clinic and online health checks, allowing medical professionals to intervene early and set a management plan.  
  • Promotion of wellbeing: Confidential counselling and tailored advice. 24/7 access to individualised support and advice on maintaining good health. 
  • Evaluation of progress: No shortcuts, GB’s Health and Wellbeing Club provides employees access to their records and results, monitoring and tracking outcomes against personal goals.  
  • Education and Empowerment: Your health in your hands. Employees are given control of their health, being educated on changes that will last a lifetime.  


What does GB’s Health and Wellbeing Hub look like in action? 

In 2019, Gallagher Bassett designed a program specifically to cater for the Tasmanian emergency services workforce, called MyPulse 

Carrying over many of the traditional elements of GB’s Health and Wellbeing Hub, MyPulse offered a dedicated Operational Manager and Account Manager to oversee the success of the program, online workshops and screenings for physical and mental illnesses, as well as multiple health clinics spread across Tasmania – ensuring easy access to healthcare and advice no matter where employees were.  

Confidential mental and physical health assessments and screening tools were available to all eligible Ambulance, Fire, Police and SES staff across the state. This ensured Tasmania’s frontline were at the front of their own health and wellbeing. With a strict commitment to confidential support, these essential workers were able to access meaningful support in real-time. 

Our team was proud to support frontline workers through MyPulse, and their efforts were recently recognised at the Personal Injury Education Foundation’s 2021 Best Mental Health and Wellbeing initiative awards. This award win is just part of why our Health and Wellbeing Hub leads the industry in practical, agile tools to assist employers to retain, train and sustain their workforce. 

If you believe your business could benefit from improved physical and mental health amongst your employees, connect with our specialist team today to find out how GB’s Health and Wellbeing Hub can help you achieve this goal. Take a deeper look at our Health and Wellbeing Hub now.

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Emma Hosking

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